Connooga 2013 – A few quick pics

Got back from Connooga a while back and took just a couple of pics. Part of me wasn’t in the mood to take pictures. The other part of me had trouble finding costumers when I was ready. But I’ll possibly recap a bit more on that later.

For now, here’s a few pictures I took (click to biggify):

Yeah, I had blurry pics, poor lighting, and everything else–can’t really blame anyone but myself there. I’ve got some video as well, coming mostly from the night room parties. Appropriately, that night and video are a blur as well ;-)

Vividred Operation


So have you been watching this one on CrunchyRoll?

Surprisingly, it’s not only uncomfy shots of tween crotches (ALTHOUGH THOSE DO EXIST). It’s a nice combo of school life, friendship, and assplosive flight fights. The “magical girl” transformation comes in the form of a sci-fi cyber showcase. But the ultimate change doesn’t occur until 2 of the girls “dock”…NO NOT LIKE THAT /BADTOUCH. Just a peck on the forehead.

I guess saying that this show from the same director of Strike Witches doesn’t shock you, does it?