Damn it all to hell. Last night the new Figma Kirito figure becomes available for pre-order.

Then tonight this happens…

Asuna figure by Kotobukiya available for pre-order starting tonight ;_;

Anyone ever want to get a second job just to buy selfish things? That’s about where I am now.

I will say that the Figma and Kotobukiya figs are two totally different things. I’ve been on the fence many times about Figma products, as sometimes they look comically toy-like. The ball joints can be huge and glaring eyesores, making everything look cheap.

But that Figma doesn’t look too bad. Kirito’s face is almost a bit too cartoony, but I think it’s still worth a buy.

The Asuna though, is nice…and twice as many $$$. What to do, what to do?

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