Is Amazon’s Anime Strike Ruining Anime?

We’re back and our local redneck (we happen to be in the Nashville, Tennessee area) Randy has a few things to say about Amazon’s Anime Strike. Anime Strike is a $5 a month streaming service for anime, much like CrunchyRoll and Funimation. But the catch with their service is that you must also be an Amazon Prime member to be able to subscribe, as a price of $99 a year.

So with the barrier to entry at around $104, it’s controversial. Even more controversial is the fact that Amazon has been going around buying up highly anticipated shows as exclusives. Just yesterday they announced obtaining the rights to the show “Welcome To The Ballroom”, much to the chagrin of anime fans.

With their newness in the anime game, it feels like their taking their large war chest of money and picking up shows knowing people will have no choice but to subscribe to both Prime and Strike to watch it.

All these points are rubbing people the wrong way. But we’ll let our country friend Randy explain it all in a little more (humorous) detail:

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