Vividred Operation


So have you been watching this one on CrunchyRoll?

Surprisingly, it’s not only uncomfy shots of tween crotches (ALTHOUGH THOSE DO EXIST). It’s a nice combo of school life, friendship, and assplosive flight fights. The “magical girl” transformation comes in the form of a sci-fi cyber showcase. But the ultimate change doesn’t occur until 2 of the girls “dock”…NO NOT LIKE THAT /BADTOUCH. Just a peck on the forehead.

I guess saying that this show from the same director of Strike Witches doesn’t shock you, does it?

Midori Mad Bro? Tamako Market Episode 5


So damn, I thought I had Midori figured out. She’s a lil’ gay for Tamako, but in general she’s “Captain Lonely Girl”. We all know that Mochi is “generic sloppy hair who loves the main character” guy, and nothing changed here. But damn, ol’ blonde chick got up in some business.

Mochi’s trying to just get 5 free seconds to talk to Tamako, and is already being cock-blocked (maybe it should be friend-zone blocked at this point, ‘cuz he’s faaaaaar from being much more than that right now) by the entire neighborhood and his family. Now Tamako’s friends, who have much more common sense than “could I be dimmer than Yui?” Tamako, are stepping in. In particular, Midori was pushing and a shoving Mochi back up in his Forever-Alone-Hole. WUZZUPWITDAT?

I mean, the damn bird had to step up and try to keep Mochi from being a complete failure at life. A TALKING OBESE DIABETIC BIRD WAS HIS ONLY FRIEND.

By the end, Midori was backing off and letting him “have a chance”. It’s here we know she sucks at knowing about love/relationships/Parker Brother’s games. The moment was lost, the build-up was too huge, and she screwed him over, whether she meant to (she did) or not.

The only Midori really did was provide stacks of fuel to yuri artists across the galaxy, who I’m sure have already started sketching treestands worth of MidoriXTamako boner jams that will possibly break Pixiv.

Sena likes ’em young?


I’m not going to try to judge the parent that decided that this was a good idea. I’ll just assume that it’s a lonely widowed father who’s just looking for the best replacement mother he can find…

By the way, the new season of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai NEXT (AKA “I have few friends” or Haganai) is hilarious. It really just rolls from the last season.