Anime Con or Rave???


Say what you want about our (sub)culture, but this quiz was actually pretty damn funny. How well can you do on it? 13 images, and you decide whether it’s a pic from a con or a rave…

Of course the only stupid part of this quiz is that most great cons have amazing raves, but I digress.

I “only” got 10 out of 13 right. I should be ashamed…

Biri Bunny – Misaka Mikoto Bunny Girl Pre-Order Begins

Could someone PayPal me a couple hundred bucks so I can purchase this?

Pre-orders started yesterday for this 1/4 scale(!) figure from FREEing. It’s a whopping 410mm (about 16 inches in ‘Murrica), and is friggin’ adorable as fuck.

If you decide to not lend me the money (you bastards) and want one for yourself, you can head over to Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, or your fave Japanime figure store and pre-order now. It comes out in June.


Damn it all to hell. Last night the new Figma Kirito figure becomes available for pre-order.

Then tonight this happens…

Asuna figure by Kotobukiya available for pre-order starting tonight ;_;

Anyone ever want to get a second job just to buy selfish things? That’s about where I am now.

I will say that the Figma and Kotobukiya figs are two totally different things. I’ve been on the fence many times about Figma products, as sometimes they look comically toy-like. The ball joints can be huge and glaring eyesores, making everything look cheap.

But that Figma doesn’t look too bad. Kirito’s face is almost a bit too cartoony, but I think it’s still worth a buy.

The Asuna though, is nice…and twice as many $$$. What to do, what to do?