Connooga 2013 – A few quick pics

Got back from Connooga a while back and took just a couple of pics. Part of me wasn’t in the mood to take pictures. The other part of me had trouble finding costumers when I was ready. But I’ll possibly recap a bit more on that later.

For now, here’s a few pictures I took (click to biggify):

Yeah, I had blurry pics, poor lighting, and everything else–can’t really blame anyone but myself there. I’ve got some video as well, coming mostly from the night room parties. Appropriately, that night and video are a blur as well 😉

Vividred Operation


So have you been watching this one on CrunchyRoll?

Surprisingly, it’s not only uncomfy shots of tween crotches (ALTHOUGH THOSE DO EXIST). It’s a nice combo of school life, friendship, and assplosive flight fights. The “magical girl” transformation comes in the form of a sci-fi cyber showcase. But the ultimate change doesn’t occur until 2 of the girls “dock”…NO NOT LIKE THAT /BADTOUCH. Just a peck on the forehead.

I guess saying that this show from the same director of Strike Witches doesn’t shock you, does it?

iPhone App “What’s the Word?” Paying Customers For 5-Star Ratings

Let’s see what titles are topping the charts in the App Store’s free section. (More and more often, “Free” means that you’ll be asked to pay for something within the first 10 minutes of play.)

At number three as of this writing we have What’s the Word?. It’s basically a remake of the test questions you had in elementary school, where 4 random images with one thing in common are shown on the screen. A jumble of letters appear below, and you must fill in the blank with your answer. It’s a rudimentary Facebook-style time waster, and apparently the next mediocre craze in the App Store. We went from tossing animals at bricks, to burning ropes, to free running, to drawing something, to this thing…

The game is…fine. After blasting through 15 or so image puzzles however, I received the traditional plea from the developer to rate their title. No biggie as better ratings=more downloads, and it’s a fair trade for the user of a free title to spend 15 seconds typing up what they think. However, the pop-up that asked for your time and opinion did something I’ve never seen in an iPhone app:



Wow. They don’t want just any old rating. They want 5 stars (who doesn’t?), and in return they’ll hook you up with 100 coins. Coins are the in-game currency that you can use if you get stuck on a puzzle. You get 2 measly coins for each puzzle you solve, meaning you’ll need to solve 20 to have even have enough to remove a letter.

Please sir, could I remove a letter?

Please sir, could I remove a letter?

If you get stuck on a puzzle before you have enough coins to help you solve it, then you have 2 choices. You can stop playing…forever, or you can purchase coins with real money.

That’s where this whole deal rubs me wrong. What’s the Word? offers you coins if you give them a 5-star rating. You can also buy coins with real money if you feel inclined to do so (or if you want to continue but don’t have enough to help solve a tricky puzzle). This is a straight up bribe in an attempt to artificially inflate their review score. If you look at the ratings for this title, most of them are 5-stars, many of them with quickie reviews like “Good!” Obviously they were just pumped out for people to get their free coins. Honestly I haven’t rated this title, as the pop-up plea for 5 stars turned me off.

So, they get a disingenuous high score, more people download it when they see the score, and more people are potentially out there to purchase more in game currency. Did their gaming of Apple’s App Store work?

I’d say it did, as they currently have the 12th spot on the list of Top Grossing games. More ratings = more money…

What's the word? CHA-CHING!

What’s the word? CHA-CHING!

I hope that Apple steps in before this becomes the norm on the App Store. People on the lookout for interesting new titles already struggle to dig through the clones and unoriginal content. Also, I’m afraid that developers trying to be successful will see this as the way to make it.

P.S. I personally wouldn’t buy in game currency for this one, as YouTube is your friend.

Snow Miku 2013 – Let The Ripoff eBay Sales Begin

Let’s look at what I like to call “sum ol’ bulllllshit…”

Every year Good Smile Company has been releasing a new Winter or “Snow” Nendoroid version of Miku Hatsune. (Here’s one year’s version, here’s another) Yes, they are cute and probably some of the nicest Nendoroid figures around.

This year is no different. This year’s is actually a very unique take that comes with some super-cool accessories:

So…if you as an American are moping around your Americanized bedroom with Ninja Turtles and Monster High posters, and you want one of these figures, the preorders started yesterday (GO HERE NOW GO GO GO). Right now they’re about 60 bucks total (40 for a figure plus 20 for shipping…yes ship costs are high, like they ship them from Japan or something rite?) But it might be worth it to you to get a limited edition figure you can rub against your enemies and hear the lamentations of the otakus that forgot to preorder.

ORRRRRR, you could go to eBay and do a search for “Snow Miku”. Remember 60 bucks sounding like a nice chunk o’ change? How about this?

click to embiggenate

click to embiggenate

Holy balls…100% markup, and then some! Also, notice that the shit is a preorder. It will ship within 30 days of purchase/after release. So these guys are buying the same preorders that you see at Good Smile, and then marking them up to heaven where Goku and Jesus are smoking a jay and losing their shit over how ripped off people are getting. But they won’t come down here and save you…they need you to be self-reliant, as them bitches be busy.

The worst part, they’ve sold FIVE of them already. I’m no mathemagician, but that’s around 150 cases of Ramune delivered by Segata Sanshiro


Moral of the story, or conclusion, or DENOUEMENT whatever that means--PREORDER FROM GOOD SMILE NOW IF YOU WANT ONE. Otherwise, you’ll be getting butt-touched by shady bands of gypsy anime dealers, hiding near the overpriced hot dog stand at your favorite con. Don’t be that guy. I don’t want to see you in the Dealer’s Room all stupid and happy over how you spent $150 on a $60 figure.

Remember what Benjamin Franklin said about procrastination…

“You may delay, but time will not…as I’ve seen them asshole eBayers be trying to overcharge me for that 1/5 scale Mizuho Kazami beach figure FUCK YOU GUYS I INVENTED KITE ELECTRICITY AND TALKING MICE AND MY FACE IS ON MONEY YOU SKRILLED OUT CUNTS.”

Midori Mad Bro? Tamako Market Episode 5


So damn, I thought I had Midori figured out. She’s a lil’ gay for Tamako, but in general she’s “Captain Lonely Girl”. We all know that Mochi is “generic sloppy hair who loves the main character” guy, and nothing changed here. But damn, ol’ blonde chick got up in some business.

Mochi’s trying to just get 5 free seconds to talk to Tamako, and is already being cock-blocked (maybe it should be friend-zone blocked at this point, ‘cuz he’s faaaaaar from being much more than that right now) by the entire neighborhood and his family. Now Tamako’s friends, who have much more common sense than “could I be dimmer than Yui?” Tamako, are stepping in. In particular, Midori was pushing and a shoving Mochi back up in his Forever-Alone-Hole. WUZZUPWITDAT?

I mean, the damn bird had to step up and try to keep Mochi from being a complete failure at life. A TALKING OBESE DIABETIC BIRD WAS HIS ONLY FRIEND.

By the end, Midori was backing off and letting him “have a chance”. It’s here we know she sucks at knowing about love/relationships/Parker Brother’s games. The moment was lost, the build-up was too huge, and she screwed him over, whether she meant to (she did) or not.

The only Midori really did was provide stacks of fuel to yuri artists across the galaxy, who I’m sure have already started sketching treestands worth of MidoriXTamako boner jams that will possibly break Pixiv.