Loot Boxes Are Gambling And Are Ruining Gaming

So the newest hot button issue in the world of gaming is the huge uptick in games having loot boxes. Game companies have been trying to squeeze additional dollars out of consumers for years, through map packs, costume packs, and additional DLC.
But over the last few years randomized loot crates or boxes have started making their way into new titles, going so far as to give unfair advantages to people willing to spend the money.

This week our redneck friend Randy wants to expand a bit on the culture of loot boxes, gambling, and how random garbage in our games (and our lives) are ruining everything.


So we’re about to jump head first into the Summer 2017 anime season, and there’s some shows I’m definitely excited about–the next season of New Game and the second half of My Hero Academia are just 2 examples.

What do you think about shows that really crank up the fan service? Is it funny? Annoying? Just something you need to expect as an anime fan?

But our resident redneck weeaboo Randy wanted to take a good hard (lol) look at the lewdest shows of the Spring 2017 season. There was an obvious choice for what would “likely” be the #1 choice, but then a random other CrunchyRoll show came out of nowhere and shocked him with its sheer WTF-ness. Watch the video below to hear him rant.

OBVIOUSLY, this video is a little NSFW!


Is Amazon’s Anime Strike Ruining Anime?

We’re back and our local redneck (we happen to be in the Nashville, Tennessee area) Randy has a few things to say about Amazon’s Anime Strike. Anime Strike is a $5 a month streaming service for anime, much like CrunchyRoll and Funimation. But the catch with their service is that you must also be an Amazon Prime member to be able to subscribe, as a price of $99 a year.

So with the barrier to entry at around $104, it’s controversial. Even more controversial is the fact that Amazon has been going around buying up highly anticipated shows as exclusives. Just yesterday they announced obtaining the rights to the show “Welcome To The Ballroom”, much to the chagrin of anime fans.

With their newness in the anime game, it feels like their taking their large war chest of money and picking up shows knowing people will have no choice but to subscribe to both Prime and Strike to watch it.

All these points are rubbing people the wrong way. But we’ll let our country friend Randy explain it all in a little more (humorous) detail:


Wow. I had the opportunity to attend this year’s Katsucon in Maryland. It was quite an experience…one that I might wax philosophically on at a later date. But for now, I wanted to show off some of the amazing cosplayers I photographed. I was NOT prepped well to take pictures, to the point where I completely forgot to bring my flash (huge thanks to my friend Jimmy at Angry Dog Studios for lending me a spare!!!)

I also struggled with the wacky lighting there. Basically I’m trying to say “HI HAVE THE SUCK AT CAMERA.” But I hope you’ll still enjoy seeing the work on these cosplays.


Midori Mad Bro? Tamako Market Episode 5


So damn, I thought I had Midori figured out. She’s a lil’ gay for Tamako, but in general she’s “Captain Lonely Girl”. We all know that Mochi is “generic sloppy hair who loves the main character” guy, and nothing changed here. But damn, ol’ blonde chick got up in some business.

Mochi’s trying to just get 5 free seconds to talk to Tamako, and is already being cock-blocked (maybe it should be friend-zone blocked at this point, ‘cuz he’s faaaaaar from being much more than that right now) by the entire neighborhood and his family. Now Tamako’s friends, who have much more common sense than “could I be dimmer than Yui?” Tamako, are stepping in. In particular, Midori was pushing and a shoving Mochi back up in his Forever-Alone-Hole. WUZZUPWITDAT?

I mean, the damn bird had to step up and try to keep Mochi from being a complete failure at life. A TALKING OBESE DIABETIC BIRD WAS HIS ONLY FRIEND.

By the end, Midori was backing off and letting him “have a chance”. It’s here we know she sucks at knowing about love/relationships/Parker Brother’s games. The moment was lost, the build-up was too huge, and she screwed him over, whether she meant to (she did) or not.

The only Midori really did was provide stacks of fuel to yuri artists across the galaxy, who I’m sure have already started sketching treestands worth of MidoriXTamako boner jams that will possibly break Pixiv.

Working! (Wagnaria) Images

Just a couple of pics from a series that I FUCKING LOVED. If they could find a way to bring this back for another season, I would be a happy fan.

It really seemed to be hitting a great stride by the end of the second season. The perfect combination of comedy, romance, and (light) slice-of-life conversation. Each character was distinctly unique and, in my opinion, not annoying to watch.




…and a bonus Popura destroying the city Gojira-style…


Please come back ;_;

You can watch it at CrunchyRoll if you’d like to stream it.