So we’re about to jump head first into the Summer 2017 anime season, and there’s some shows I’m definitely excited about–the next season of New Game and the second half of My Hero Academia are just 2 examples.

What do you think about shows that really crank up the fan service? Is it funny? Annoying? Just something you need to expect as an anime fan?

But our resident redneck weeaboo Randy wanted to take a good hard (lol) look at the lewdest shows of the Spring 2017 season. There was an obvious choice for what would “likely” be the #1 choice, but then a random other CrunchyRoll show came out of nowhere and shocked him with its sheer WTF-ness. Watch the video below to hear him rant.

OBVIOUSLY, this video is a little NSFW!


Is Amazon’s Anime Strike Ruining Anime?

We’re back and our local redneck (we happen to be in the Nashville, Tennessee area) Randy has a few things to say about Amazon’s Anime Strike. Anime Strike is a $5 a month streaming service for anime, much like CrunchyRoll and Funimation. But the catch with their service is that you must also be an Amazon Prime member to be able to subscribe, as a price of $99 a year.

So with the barrier to entry at around $104, it’s controversial. Even more controversial is the fact that Amazon has been going around buying up highly anticipated shows as exclusives. Just yesterday they announced obtaining the rights to the show “Welcome To The Ballroom”, much to the chagrin of anime fans.

With their newness in the anime game, it feels like their taking their large war chest of money and picking up shows knowing people will have no choice but to subscribe to both Prime and Strike to watch it.

All these points are rubbing people the wrong way. But we’ll let our country friend Randy explain it all in a little more (humorous) detail:

Vividred Operation


So have you been watching this one on CrunchyRoll?

Surprisingly, it’s not only uncomfy shots of tween crotches (ALTHOUGH THOSE DO EXIST). It’s a nice combo of school life, friendship, and assplosive flight fights. The “magical girl” transformation comes in the form of a sci-fi cyber showcase. But the ultimate change doesn’t occur until 2 of the girls “dock”…NO NOT LIKE THAT /BADTOUCH. Just a peck on the forehead.

I guess saying that this show from the same director of Strike Witches doesn’t shock you, does it?

Hayate No Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off This Train Wreck


I’m keeping this as spoiler-free as possible, although I’m not really sure if there’s anything I can spoil that isn’t already f’d up by the show itself. Also, I’ll go ahead and say I have NOT read the manga. Which will lead to some of the reasons for my opinion.

When a third season of Hayate No Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler) was announced, I was amped. I barreled through the first two seasons like I was getting paid for it. It had the right amount of comedy, romance, and fourth wall breaking to stay consistently interesting. Hayate is an excellent protagonist, with bad luck and a tendency to being clueless. Yeah, nothing original there…but it’s handled in a way that everyone is aware of it. It’s not just a device to stretch the show out for 26 more episodes.

So 3rd season. Self-high fives and tequila shots all around, right?

But then we start getting bleeps and blurps (i.e. images and plot details) about what we’d be watching. See the image up top…

OK, Hayate looks like a bad Code Geass cosplayer. But maybe it’ll work out alright.

Story details were announced, and with its arrival, more concern. It was going to be an original story not quite linked with the first 2 seasons. Yikes.

But MAAAYBE it would still be good. A new story doesn’t mean a complete retelling (FMA?), and it would seemingly be difficult to screw up this great of a cast. I locked away my worries and waited for the first episode.

Now that I’ve watched the first episode (actually the first 5 episodes), let me ask a question:


Let me explain my “Hayate History” for a brief moment. I’ve only watched the anime (seasons 1 and 2). I’ve read none of the manga.

With that in mind, the new series initially confused the shit out of me. Who are some of these people? Who the hell is this singing opera chick? Why do all these girls seem to be living in the same house? Why do they call them Grape Nuts when there are no grapes or nuts? OK, forget the last one.

Look at this pic:


I know the last two, but who the hell is the first girl? I’m not sure if I even caught her name in the first episode?

There were so many questions, that I felt like I missed some important episodes. I started reading. and reading. and so on. I went and found the Hayate movie, thinking maybe that would fill in all the gaps. It didn’t…it almost made things worse.

I kept watching episode after episode, trying to enjoy the story line, but conflicted with questions about how the f we ended up here.

It was only after reading an entire wiki about the show (which, by the way, is the most annoying way to enjoy anime), did I find out who all these characters were, why they were living in the house, and what the plot up to this alternate world story was about. These events and characters were all introduced in the manga. So they started a new story, but at the same time decided to skip ahead in the actual story without explaining anything to the viewer? Jesus…

They really screwed up their thought processes with this new season. I was mostly willing to forgive the jarring art style and lack of continuity. But I just can’t get over how they’re trying to introduce us to a new story, but simultaneously want us to know all this shit that happened with no explanation (to a viewer of the anime).

I really can’t wait for this series to end, only because I’d love for them to try again with the story they skipped. Go back to the old art style while you’re at it. Don’t drop all this shit in our lap and expect us to know what’s going on. People love the manga, so why would you not use the material you have available?

It’s almost like they wanted to create filler, even though there was an assload of quality product ready to be animated… ME NO UNDERSTAND.

But feel free not to just listen to me cry and whine. Check it out for yourself and decide. You can watch it at CrunchyRoll

Save us Hayate ;_;