Damn it all to hell. Last night the new Figma Kirito figure becomes available for pre-order.

Then tonight this happens…

Asuna figure by Kotobukiya available for pre-order starting tonight ;_;

Anyone ever want to get a second job just to buy selfish things? That’s about where I am now.

I will say that the Figma and Kotobukiya figs are two totally different things. I’ve been on the fence many times about Figma products, as sometimes they look comically toy-like. The ball joints can be huge and glaring eyesores, making everything look cheap.

But that Figma doesn’t look too bad. Kirito’s face is almost a bit too cartoony, but I think it’s still worth a buy.

The Asuna though, is nice…and twice as many $$$. What to do, what to do?

Sword Art Online Episode 24 Single GIF Summary

Not to get too spoilery, but this was the episode I was waiting for. The entire second half of the series was just leading to the events in #24.

I hear peeps yapping that this show is a shit-tier anime for Naruto fans. Really? Are you that bitter and angry at every new show that gets released? Because Sword Art Online isn’t “OMG BEST SHOW EVAR” but it’s definitely one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen this year.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a show so quickly get the “cool to hate things” crowd riled up (at least since K-On!)

Anyway, I personally can’t wait for the next couple of episodes. I do sincerely hope they don’t fuck up the ending, leaving it open or not providing at least semi-full closure.

Guess we’ll see.