Wow. I had the opportunity to attend this year’s Katsucon in Maryland. It was quite an experience…one that I might wax philosophically on at a later date. But for now, I wanted to show off some of the amazing cosplayers I photographed. I was NOT prepped well to take pictures, to the point where I completely forgot to bring my flash (huge thanks to my friend Jimmy at Angry Dog Studios for lending me a spare!!!)

I also struggled with the wacky lighting there. Basically I’m trying to say “HI HAVE THE SUCK AT CAMERA.” But I hope you’ll still enjoy seeing the work on these cosplays.


Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 – Pictures

Had a great time hanging out with friends, hitting the dealer’s room, and taking pics and vids at AWA this year. Hopefully I’ll recap in a little more detail soon. But for now I wanted to post the pictures I took.

Feel free to share these photos–but please leave the watermark on the bottom left and credit this website (Animememe.com). Thanks!

Connooga 2013 – A few quick pics

Got back from Connooga a while back and took just a couple of pics. Part of me wasn’t in the mood to take pictures. The other part of me had trouble finding costumers when I was ready. But I’ll possibly recap a bit more on that later.

For now, here’s a few pictures I took (click to biggify):

Yeah, I had blurry pics, poor lighting, and everything else–can’t really blame anyone but myself there. I’ve got some video as well, coming mostly from the night room parties. Appropriately, that night and video are a blur as well 😉

Convention Memes – Volume 2

Even though DragonCon is not specifically an anime convention, anime-related cosplay has a nice-sized presence there. They have pulled in some Funimation folks there as well. But if you’ve ever tried to get a hotel room there…this is how we all feel:

DragonCon Hotels...

Now as for my cosplay friends, I think many of them are still flattered when someone stops them for a pic. I also think most them don’t mind being “directed”. That is, they actually prefer when a photographer asks if they pose a particular way. It usually makes them feel a more comfortable, since the photog seems to know what he’s doing. But then you have those photographers that ask for poses that a bit…well, to put it lightly…creepy as fuck.


Yeah, don’t be that guy photogs.